Continuum 3

15-17 July, 2005

This is a brief comment on Continuuum 3. Photos will be added and more text too ... as time goes by ... when I get around to it.

Peter and I turned up about midday Friday, but weren't able to get a room until about 3pm. However, it was worth the wait: Corner suite with panoramic views of the city, courtesy of my card of lordly upgrading. ... I mean, gold Hilton card. Not a bad deal for $157/night (well under the Con rate) + $50 for an extra bed, especially with the free breakfasts and the free bottle of wine in the room. When Margaret, who was also sharing the room, turned up, she showered me with enough compliments about the room that I thought my ego would explode.

Blankety Blanks was fun as expected. Our compere was George, doing his best Bob Downe impression. Jocko was late and initially replaced by a ring-in. Sweet and demure she looked, especially compared to the dubious characters at the other end of the table. But Fiona McIntosh soon shattered our illusions:

George Wank

Friday night there were two room parties, both courtesy of Perth fans: PRK and Tori's and the slashy one of Elaine's.

At the programme rooms, we were greeted by a variety of interesting door-critters, each advertising what was on that day:

Doorman 1 Doorman 2 Doorman 3
Panels were good. Neil was entertaining, of course. "Daleks aren't sexy.... unless they're really small!" Thanks for that image, Neil.

"LOTR in the style of ..." theatre sports was another highlight. The Tony Shillitoe rap version began with the audience getting into providing the clapping beat and learning the chorus. Here it is:

Tony Shillitoe's Lord of the Rings Rap
Chorus:I say yo yo (Frodo)
I say yo yo (Frodo)
My name is Sauron
I'm no moron
Cos I'm the reason there's a Middle-earth war on
So listen up suckers
You poor bad luckers
Cos I'm the meanest bitch of all you motherfuckers
I'm here to say
About my ring
The only one fit for a Middle-earth king
I want my ring
My precious -- thing
But Frodo's turned it into a hobbit bling-bling

Saturday night's Maskoballo was great, bringing out masses of people in great costumes. Jocko, Jeanette and I reprised the Residents-inspired eyeball costumes of Swancon 21, with Genevieve joining in too. I wonder if Neil, having also been a guest at that Swancon, noticed the mysterious re-appearance?

Maskobalo 01 Maskobalo 02 Maskobalo 03 Maskobalo 04 Maskobalo 05 Maskobalo 06 Maskobalo 07
Maskobalo 08 Maskobalo 09 Maskobalo 10 Maskobalo 11 Maskobalo 12 Maskobalo 13 Maskobalo 14
Maskobalo 15 Maskobalo 16 Maskobalo 22 Maskobalo 23 Maskobalo 24 Maskobalo 25 Maskobalo 26
Maskobalo 17 Maskobalo 27 Maskobalo 18
Maskobalo 19 Maskobalo 20 Maskobalo 21

To my knowledge, there were only three room parties Sat night. (Excluding the committee-only party on one of the executive floors.) By the sounds of it, ours was the only one with heaps of space and music. Oddly enough, for a hotel which doesn't appear to encourage room parties, our room had a stereo, so we'd hooked my laptop up to that for random music.

Rosanne blew me away by recognising, from diagonally across the room, the cleanskin wine bottle I was holding as a botrytis semillon! If I'd known how many dessert wine lovers would be there, I'd have taken a few more bottles. We encouraged consumption of the food and alcohol we'd taken, a whole suitcase full, brought about by the kind of overpacking that can only really happen when in one's home city. However, generous guests kept bringing us more. We ended up having finished off quite a bit, but it had been replaced with extra cakes and rum!

Party 2 Party 3 Party 7 Party 1 Party 4
Party 5 Party 6

Sunday disappeared somewhat blurrily, and soon the weekend was almost over with a walk to Brunswick St for dinner with Peter, Margaret, Lev, Erica, Jeremy, Coreynn, Shay and one other whose name evades me. We were obviously all hungry, given the way various participants pounced on the unwanted scraps on each other's plates. Peter had an impressively clean plate once the dust, or should I say rice, settled.

Back at the Hilton around midnight, fans were still in the bar, as the Con managed to extend itself a little into Monday morning.