The Mind-Bogglingly Clueless

About 24 Sep, 2004, I received a David Rhodes chain letter. You know, one of those things which tells you that if you give money to the sender of the letter and all the others in the chain, you'll be able to find yet others to send money to you, and so on, and you'll "earn" $77484 from a total investment of $276 within 60 days.

Isn't this incredible? I have, of course, heard about these things before. ... That's not what's incredible. Hell, I was online back when the "Make Money Fast" messages went around in the 90's. No, what amazes me is that people would photocopy 4 pages of unmitigated crap and then go wasting their money posting it through the mail. Haven't they heard of email? If you want to break the law and annoy hundreds of people as quickly as possible, email is far cheaper and more efficient.

The list of people on my chain letter was:

  1. J. Moore, 9/912 Glenferrie Road, Kew, Vic, 3101
  2. T. MacDonald, 53 Claremont Avenue, The Basin, Vic, 3154
  3. S. Hall, 53 Binbrook Drive, Croydon, Vic, 3136
  4. S. Lyons, 3 Luke Court, Frankston, Vic, 3199
  5. H. Bunting, 5 York Road, Glen Iris, Vic, 3146
Assuming that they have followed the instructions correctly, that means that H. Bunting, who can be reached at the above address or on (03) 9885 8460, sent the letter to me, and so on up the chain.

On 21 Mar, 2006, I received another one. Still exactly the same details, just with a different set of propagators:

  1. T. Mascord, 2/33 Regent Street, Newcomb, Vic, 3219
  2. A.S. Eades, 48 Hillcrest Avenue, Greenacre, NSW, 2190
  3. K&L Kaa, 10 Bluebell Place, Calamvale, Brisbane (ie. QLD!), 4116,
  4. K. Adams, 46 Imore Court, Ferntree Gully, Vic, 3156
  5. B.A. Cahill, 28 Castlegate Way, Woodvale, Perth (ie. WA!), 6026
It's impressive that 2 out of 5 weren't able to get their own address quite right, giving closest capital city, rather than state. Surely K&L Eades should do one chain letter each? Why would they limit themselves so much when they could be making $140k instead of just $70k! The sender, B.A. Cahill, can be reached at the above address or phone (08) 9309 6584.