Peters Non-Original Ice Cream

original, new, improved ... only one is true For many years, I enjoyed Peters Original Ice Cream. It suited my tastes: luscious, but not so rich that I couldn't consume a large serve; comes in a 5 litre tub that just squeezes into my freezer; decent price, especially when frequently discounted at the supermarket.

One day, I bought some Peters Original. While the text of "Original" was slightly different, it initially looked as though they'd just updated the packaging. But it was more than that. It tasted different. More watery. Less creamy. A new, fake flavour. The "new, improved recipe" phrase splashed in the top corner should have been a clue that something might be amiss, but it took ages for me to realise that, in tiny print under the barcode, lay the real statement of the change: "Reduced Fat Ice Cream"!

So much for truth in packaging. As Choice noted in July, 2005: Is it "original" or "new improved"? You can't have it both ways.

It's not "original". It's not "improved". It certainly is "new". New and a sad shadow of its former self. I'll have to find a new ice cream.