Experiencing the Waves of the World

The path of Typhoon Sally In 1972, I was on a cruise ship (though I use the word "ship" a little loosely here by some standards), which was heading north from Singapore, taking my parents and myself to Hong Kong. Little did we know that Typhoon Sally was heading from east to west across the South China Sea at the time. When the captain became aware of Sally, he tried to head into the eye of the Typhoon! When it became obvious, about two thirds of the way in, that she was too strong for this to be safe, he turned the ship about and headed back out the way we had come in. It took several days to go around Sally instead of through her.

What a fun time! I remember holding on to a rail in a hallway and watching the room ahead of me, as the furniture wandered over to the side of the ship which was lower. Then, the ship would roll back towards the other side, and the furniture would wander back the other way.