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me, by Weg Why a web site, you may be wondering? I like to read about real people on the net and about their interests. So, I wanted to give others a way of finding out about me and my interests too. However, I'm inherently lazy, which accounts not only for the few pages I've put on this site over the years and the infrequency with which I update them, but also the site name. I certainly wouldn't want to have to keep typing some version of my full name all over the place. Way too long. There's no good way to abbreviate Craig Macbride to a short, easily typed domain name, so I went minimal. If there had been a 2-letter domain name left when I looked, I'd have grabbed it. There wasn't. So, resorting to 3-letter .com domains, f8d.com looked like the most memorable one available. After all, it sounds like "fated".

This page was here back when the web was young, long before many groups or companies had thought about the web and long before Wikipedia. If you searched the web for, say, Skyhooks, you found absolutely no pages that were about the band. ... at least, not until I wrote one. Nowadays, though, factual information about well-known entities is plentiful. Lots of the early pages have disappeared. Some of the information has been absorbed into wikis or FAQs, but some is just gone.

My site is still here. There has to be somewhere for me to pillory politicians and prattle about perversity. You'll find my send-up of the web site of the real estate agents which used to manage my place prior to the current ones, Weston Heath Real Estate. You'll see details of idiots who send chain letters around. No, not spam! Real, sent-through-the-post-at-50c-each letters! I'll cover not only the dumb, but the insidious too, such as Stephen Conroy's plan to "filter" the whole Australian Internet.

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"There is nothing fair in this world.
There is nothing safe in this world.
And there's nothing sure in this world.
And there's nothing pure in this world."
- "White Wedding", Billy Idol

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